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Baby Kato Life4Fame Rockstar Highlights access Hollywood

When I started this #YouTubeChannel its was for fun. Still, in the time of Covid19 lock-down, isolation, and restricted traveling orders, I decided to teach myself editing and becoming an “expert” on YouTube. It was now six weeks ago, and Baby Kato’s YouTube Channel is skyrocketing. Surely it helps that papa was a producer of movies in Hollywood and produced many fighting events. Yet the rising YouTubeStar is #BabyKato, our son is a natural-born actor, and mostly all scenes are done within one take many spontaneously filmed by pure coincidence. There are lots of pranks between Baby Kato and father Bas. Still, some videos also show the severe side of Kato. It’s fascinating to follow Baby Kato getting older and exploring the fruits of life. Sometimes like his father, he shows symptoms of a baby gone roque, which brings the viewer hilarious footage. Kato Boon “Baby Kato” could become a future Einstein and Star in progress. Kato could become a cross between Bart Simpson, Culkin “home alone star”, “The Little Rascals” gang, the Dutch “Pietje Bell” and Swedish enfant terrible “Emile Lonneberga”. 

As Kato reached 1500 subscribers in one month, we decided to make this special video for the fans. Baby Kato Life For Fame Rock Star, this video is a highlight video of Kato’s first 18 months and some footage with his parents. The family is now working daily to produce content for Kato’s #YouTube Channel, and all have fun doing so every day. I hope you enjoy this new production and don’t forget to subscribe to Kato’s channel and hit the notification bell for weekly recent Baby Kato video uploads

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