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KatoBoonFamily World’s Collide Bitcoin and Farm Life

The Esan in Thailand is a farmland territory that is thousands of miles. People who read the concept of the KBF channel know the KatoBoonFamily left their luxurious lifestyle in Pattaya, Thailand, to go live in the Esan. It is now more than 15 months ago since the family left Pattaya because of the Pandemic. Papa Bas had been busy. The two KBF farms are ready, a few hundred pigs, thousands of chickens, son Kato Boon growing up rapidly, and Conan Boon almost is one year old. Besides the YoutTube channel, Papa Bas found himself a new business trading in Cryptocurrencies. While Bas is excited about multiple successful trades in Bitcoin and Ethereum, mama Rak keeps interrupting Bas with farm problems. There is a problem with Rocky the pig, a duck, chickens, and something with Water Buffalo’s. Another must-see episode of the KatoBoonFamily goes pigshit.

(C) Bas Boon

When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water – Banjamin Franklin

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