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Just a Hammer for Christmas: The Boon family’s hilarious (and crazy) Christmas story.

Just a hammer for Christmas: The Boon family’s hilarious (and crazy) Christmas story.

The Boon Family celebrates Christmas again, giving everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Isan, Thailand. Last year it was complete chaos when the Boon Brothers attacked their dad, who dressed up as the Christmas man. Some sword presents turned all the kids into knights, and it was hard for the parents to stop them—just your everyday Boon family drama.

*111 This year, it’s worse, far worse. It starts with Conan Boon rushed to the hospital where he needs stitches in his forehead and possibly has a broken nose, merry Christmas. The next day in school, the Boon brothers prefer to avoid dressing up in Christmas clothes or wearing a stupid Christmas hat. Here comes a Christmas Story to not forget.

A kid’s school performance is on a stage, but the brothers have their way of performing. Conan Boon gets a drama attack, cries, and wants to go home. Funny Kid Kato Boon tries to make his brother Conan laugh and starts to breakdance. Conan loves it. It turns out brat kid Kato Boon has many hidden talents. He could also become a possible new Christmas Grinch from Thailand. Just hilarious.

Indeed, both brothers have a phobia of Christmas hats and do not like their parents to wear them.

When the day is over, it’s time for papa Bas Boon to pay Santa Claus again. The Boon Family rushes towards the living room, where a massive package stack awaits. Papa Bas Boon hands out the Christmas gifts one by one. It is clear from the beginning there is a switch-up in the name labels. Just incredible how this happens. This name switch of the labels results in mama Rak getting a small doll and other adults a water pistol. Here is where the happy Christmas story gets a weird twist. The golden chain meant for mama goes to Conan. But Conan doesn’t like small presents, so he throws the golden chain away. It’s a mess.

The grand final comes when one of the last presents is for Conan, it turns out to be a hammer. This hammer was a Christmas gift meant for the husband of the sister of mama Rak. Papa tries to get the hammer from Kato, but he does not let him lose his Christmas present. It does not take long, and the hammer flies through the air. It just happened minutes ago; what a day. The hammer lands right on the new….

Another funny, hilarious YouTube video of the Boon Family (KBF) is a Hilarious scene from real life in real time. Try Not To laugh is Tricky. A Christmas story you will not forget easingly.

Christmas Tree Down Kato Boon Turkey Dinner Drama.

(c) Bas Boon

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