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Boon Boys VR Game Crusaders “Digital Nightmares!”(Official Music Video)

Boon Boys VR Game Crusaders “Digital Nightmares!”

Get ready to dive into the virtual abyss with the Boon Family’s latest music video sensation, “Digital Nightmares.” This electrifying rock anthem follows the success of hits like “Songkran Rock” and “Boon Family Blues,” promising another wild ride through musical mayhem.

As the Boon Boys take the stage, they transform into fearless VR game crusaders, tackling the most terrifying nightmares the digital world has to offer. From showdowns with classic horror villains like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees to epic battles against werewolves, Dracula, and even alien invaders, these guys fearlessly charge into the unknown.

Under the guidance of the irrepressible Papa Bas Boon, the Boon Boys showcase a dazzling array of virtual games guaranteed to keep you on your toes. But be warned – where there’s fun, there’s chaos, and the Boon Kids are always at the center of it all, leaving a trail of broken VR glasses in their wake.

From fiery clashes with mythical beasts to unexpected encounters with iconic video game characters like Mario and a ravenous packman, the Boon Boys prove that in the realm of virtual reality, anything is possible.

But amidst the adrenaline-fueled action, there’s a catchy tune that’ll have you singing along for days. With a chorus dedicated to the legendary Boon Boys, this song is destined to become an anthem for thrill-seekers everywhere – a beacon of hope in the face of digital nightmares.

So strap in and hold on tight for “Digital Nightmares, Boon Boys VR Game Crusaders!” It’s a virtual adventure you won’t want to miss.

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Lyrics ” Digital Nightmares”:


In the dark of the night

We rise from the flames

Boon Boys go digital

It’s time to play some games

Crazy dad’s in the lead

He’s a gaming king

Hackers in the shadows

We’re the ones they fear and bring

[Verse 2]

We’re the destroyers of digital nightmares

Crashing through the firewall

There’s no time for dares

Boon Boys

We’re coming for you

No place to hide

In this digital world

We’re the ones who decide


Boon Boys go digital

With our crazy dad

Gaming kings taking over

It’s not a fad

Hackers beware

For we’re the ones they cannot tame

Destroying all the nightmares

Boon Boys are our name


In the digital dawn, we take our stance,

With code as our sword, we advance.

Through the binary maze, we pave our way,

In this digital world, we hold sway.

(Verse 3)

In the neon glow, we claim our throne,

With every keystroke, our power’s shown.

In the digital realm, we’re in control,

With our gaming father, we rock and roll.


Boon Boys go digital,

With our dad leading the pack,

Gaming kings, we never lack.

Hackers beware, we’re not tame,

In this digital game, we claim our fame.


So remember our name, in the digital fray,

Boon Boys rise, day by day.

With our legacy forged, in code and flame,

We’re the rulers of the digital game.

And let’s not forget about Papa Bas Boon, who’s working tirelessly to bring you the best content on the Boon Family YouTube channel. 🎥 Our latest creation, another new Rock song, is an absolute banger! 🤘 Like the Paperclip Bad Boys in Thailand and other rock songs, this new addition to our channel is sure to rock your socks off! 🎶

Boon Boys Rock the World with Digital Nightmares!

Because what better way to capture the essence of Family Life than through the power of Rock music? Thailand and the world, get ready for a family like no other, taking the internet by storm! 🌟 The Boon Boys are here to shake things up and claim the number one spot. 💪 With their blend of Thai Rap, Blues, Rock, and Heavy Metal, they’re set to dominate the playlist scene like never before. 🚀

Move over Black Pink Lisa – Lalisa M/V, Bird Thongchai, YOUGHOHM, Bodyslam, Jintara Poonlarp, Milli, BNK48, BOWKYLION, Cocktail, Ink Waruntorn, Palmy, and Peck Palitchoke – the Boon Brothers are in town, and they’re ready to keep Thailand rocking! 🎶🔥 Boon Boys Rock Thailand, Family Fun, YouTube Sensation, Rock On, Thailand Rocks 🌟 Boon Boys Rock the World. Boon Boys The New Rock Sensation, Boon Boys Take AI Music by Storm.

Boon Boys Rock Songkran in Thailand

(C) Copyright Bas Boon


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