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Brother love in KatoBoonFamily and Mushroom Soup.

Brother Love in KatoBoonFamily and Mushroom Soup. It has been raining a lot in the Esan, and the KatoBoonFamily spends a great deal inside the home.

The Sibelings having fun.

Kato Boon is having fun with his brother Conan Boon. It becomes the usual mess when Kato thinks it’s a good idea to feed his one-year-old brother with yogurt.

There is lots of laughing and yogurt everywhere. This game is so much fun.

Mushroom soup.

Mama Rak is cooking mushroom soup and the boys are helping her. Suddenly Papa Bas Boon gets a phone call. The grandfather is on the phone and asks Bas to drive to the KatoBoonFamily farm number 2. A young water buffalo from the farm run through a fence and is now blocking a sand path. The little water buffalo walks back into the fenced area where his family stays. The mama water buffalo looks angry at Bas, and you can hear her breathing.

They are impressive animals, and it doesn’t look very safe for Bas to stay any longer. 

Papa Bas helps out with an accident.

When Papa Bas drives to the farm in Sawang Daen Din, he sees an accident right in front of him. A massive truck ends up in the ditch, and papa Bas checks if the driver is ok.

Bas is late, and mama Rak calls if Bas is on time for mushroom soup a dish which is very popular in Esan Thailand. She just searched the whole afternoon and did find some fantastic mushrooms. Thai people love these sprouts.

Dinner Time for KatoBoonFamily

When it is dinner time for the KatoBoonFamily, the brothers are playing with each other again. Some great footage of brother love. Mama asks everybody to sit at the table. That is talking to the deaf man’s ears. The two brothers have too much fun together.  There is no time for Kato Boon and Conan Boon to eat mushroom soup on a table.

Mama starts laughing and is not angry. It is great to see the two siblings enjoy themself so much. Sometimes they can fight each other, but today it’s all fun and love. An excellent family video vlog, enjoy.

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(c) Bas Boon

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