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KatoBoonFamily Does Rice Harvesting in Thailand

KatoBoonFamily Does Rice Harvesting Thailand. Two times per year in Thailand the rice farmers can harvest the land. This episode of the KatoBoonFamily shows you the incredibly beautiful farmlands In Thailand. How do they plant the rice? When is it time to harvest?

Most rice farmers in Thailand can only harvest the land once a year. This is because the land needs water.

When people in Thailand work in the fields, they need protective clothing. The sun can be extremely burning and you also need to drink lots of water.

The whole KatoBoonfamily goes daily to work Kato Boon loves the rice fields and he uses them for a mud bath. Papa Bas Boon and Mama Rak are too busy working rice fields to be angry at Kato.

Believe me. To film this footage I had to put a lot of physical effort to the test myself. It is almost impossible to see the footage you are shooting because of the sun. Some footage and pictures look straight out of a Hollywood film set.

There are about 40 million rice farmers in Thailand. The KatoBoonFamily is one of those happy farmers.

Mama Rak gets a mango from a three with some “spearfishing” equipment, good catch. Thai people love to eat rice with organic mangoes which grow on their trees. In the morning mama Rak goes into the forest to find some mushrooms. These will be added later to the dish.

The day is long. At night some of the farmers who work at the KatoBoonFamily farms fell asleep after drinking some whiskey. Tomorrow is a new day and the lands are very big. The harvest looks good this year, see for yourself.

Quote Mahatma Gandhi;

“If you give me rice, I’ll eat today; if you teach me how to grow rice, I’ll eat every day.”

(C) Bas Boon

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