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How To Have the Best Holiday Ever with Funny Boon Kids

How To Have The Best Holiday Ever With Funny Boon Kids. This is the third month, and the kids still have a holiday in Isan, Thailand. This vacation is extraordinarily long and a massive challenge for the Boon Family parents. The ADHD bunch of Boon Kids need nonstop action. Just when you think they will calm down, you’ve got another thing coming.

This day it’s time to explore parts of the Ramayana Water Park in Pattaya, which the boys only visited after. The family drama starts at the entrance when Kato Boon and Conan Boon have a little feud. But as soon as they are in the pool, the Boon Brothers are best friends again. Have to Have Brother Love by Challenges.

This trip is a massive adventure for Conan and Kato as they have an utterly huge pool alone. There is a vast pink swan and other water toys. As always, both boys want to be on the swan. The battle for the pink toy swan emerges.

The Best Holiday or?

There is so much fun and laughs. In the afternoon, everybody eats junk food and takes a nap, and then it’s time again for the water slides. The Boon Brat kids think it’s funny to walk up words on the waterslides, which alarm the security. They keep doing it so much fun. Conan Boon is putting up a scene when he is lectured and taken away from the waterslides as he misbehaves. Papa Bas Boon has his hands full.

How To Have Your Hands Full as Parents.

Little Ken Boon also steals the show; he loves the water fun. When his niece kisses him all over his face, he produces a hulk squeeze in her arm. Ouch, she yells; it’s too funny; Ken is not even one. He is an extreme baby.

Ken is powerful, and this YouTube video also shows unique footage of baby Ken and his first baby steps. Will he walk earlier than his brother, Kato Boon, and Conan? Try Not to Laugh is Tricky. You Laugh, You Lose—another KBF funny video with many fabulous places. Get ready for a laugh.

Boon Kids and Dolphins the best family vacation in Thailand.

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