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The Boon Kids Fight Over a Water Swan Toy Lol

The Boon Kids Fight Over a Water Swan Toy Lol. The endless holiday continues, and it causes the Boon Brothers to search for new challenges. In Pattaya, Thailand, there are more activities for kids than in Isan. It’s a day the Boon family decides again to visit some of Thailand’s incredible waterparks. For some reason, the park is almost empty, which is the perfect time for the family. Kato Boon and Conan Boon prefer to avoid standing in line. Even in an open and empty pool, they must fight strife over who will get the Swan.

But even when occasionally, when there is not even one person in the pool, the brothers find a way to be competitive. There are these huge purple swans in the middle of the pool, and it has the name Kato Boon and Conan Boon written all over it. The two little brat kids try to conquer the Swan; it’s a hilarious sight. Both Boon kids can not swim yet, but a fierce battle is emerging. Kato Boon has the upper hand, and Conan, who is two years younger, keeps being thrown off the Swan. The brothers show some real love.

The Boon Kids Battle for the Pink Toy Swan

But Papa Bas Boon did not give his second son the name Conan for nothing; the little warrior came back. Now it is Conan on the Swan, and he feels king.

Kato is now trying to climb on the Swan but keeps landing in the water. The pool is enormous, but the Swan keeps swimming in the pool’s centre. Try Not to Laugh is tricky. The Boon Kids Fights is for the win a serious contest; who will dominate and win the Swan? Love and Feud the usual Boon Family drama fun.

Another hilarious short video; maybe it’s a fail video or partly educational. The battle will make the Boon Brothers Kids go viral again. These compilations are becoming very popular, comedy for adults and kids, and the funny videos get millions of views on social media. Boon Memes, Kato Boon AFV.

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