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Mama Misbehaves and Sinks Canoe Shorts

Mama Misbehaves and Sinks Canoe Shorts. This vacation is incredible for the Boon Family. Sun, beaches, and waterparks. The family is peddling between Isan in Thailand and the coastal city Pattaya where they have also had a home. Mama Rak, the mother of Kato Boon, Conan, and Ken, is very busy. Traveling back and forward in Isan with sometimes 5 or 6 kids in a car for twelve hours can be daunting.

Time for Mama Rak and some of her friends and sister to relax at the beach. For some reason, renting a canoe and boat trip on the water is wise. Now, women and boats, or, in this case, canoes, are, in many cases, a bad combination. The friends of Mama Rak finally pull the canoe from the land into the ocean. There comes Mama Rak. She wants to sit in upfront as the fourth passenger in the canoe. Get ready for a laugh, the canoe immediately capsizes, and all of them get a laughing attack. It is funny how some of these hilarious moments come out of nowhere. These “fail” videos are great comedies for everybody.

Canoe Boat subject of family laughs.

All the girls and family members have tons of fun under the sun on a beach in Pattaya. The Boon Brothers are watching, and things turning the boat around before it leaves is part of the ritual. Trying Not to Laugh is tricky; you laugh, you lose in this short. These short stories of the KTB almost all go viral, and the audiences of YouTube and social media get familiar with the Boon Family from Thailand. Enjoy the video. This canoe trip goes into mysterious places, which is a great adventure.

Mom Misbehaves will make you laugh out loud.

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