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Fun in the Sun Boon Family’s Tropical Holiday.

Fun in the Sun Boon Family’s Tropical Holiday. At the end of each year, the children in Isan, Thailand, get a long school holiday. Papa Bas Boon thought a few weeks, but it was almost three months. So, the Boon Family starts their holiday by driving back and forward to their home in Pattaya. This beach city has everything, and the kids love it—especially the incredible white beaches and nearby islands. There is a lot of fun in the sun and Thailand have many tropical holiday places.

The parents are also trying to have their holiday, which is nearly impossible with three ADHD sons. Mama Rak decides to relax and make a canoe trip with her friends. They need to get farther as Mama Rak capsizes the canoe. For the girls, it’s an epic event and highlight of the day.

The nieces of Kato Boon, Conan, and Ken could do better with the canoe. In America and other countries, they also name a canoe by the word kayak. This group of Isan girls also does not come very far with the canoe. Maybe for them, it was not so much fun in the sun. The Thai people from the Isan have a lot to learn regarding boats. This tropical vacation is sometimes hard work. Photolesions, modelling, and a fantastic swing, this is so cool.

Endless Tropical Holiday, Conan spots new Dinosaurs.

After the holiday in Pattaya, it’s time to continue the endless free days for the Boon Brothers in Isan, Thailand. Not far from where the Boon Family lives, they build a temple and surround it with a giant dinosaur. Time for funny Conan Boon to check it out; the family is following him.

After Conan feeds some giant fish, he and Kato Boon get Bored and irritated. This holiday takes too long. Papa and Mama had their hands full.

On the positive side, Kato Boon learns to swim in the pool at the back of the house. He makes the other side of the pool, but he looks more like a submarine, lol. This vacation is their best; the kids have fun in the sun; will it have a happy ending? Try Not to Laugh is tricky; if you Laugh, You Lose. This KBF video fail is humor at its best. What a great family vlog with the Boon Family. It’s a comedy with beautiful places, travel ideas, and what not to do when you have kids.

Disaster with Kato Boon at Deserted Vacation Island.

(c) Bas Boon

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