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Kato Boon Crazy Birthday Party Papa Breaks His Tooth

Kato Boon Crazy Birthday Papa Bas Breaks Tooth, from eating Ice-creams. People who follow the KatoBoonFamily video series on YouTube know that birthday parties with the Boon family are never dull.

Last year when funny Kato Boon had his crazy birthday celebration Papa Bas had to move to the pig stables to clean pig shit and help a pig give birth. The other family members partied the whole night and were all drunk.

This birthday cake party would be different, so Papa Bas Boon thought.

When Papa bas finally sneak out of the house from all the craziness, he wants to eat some ice cream cake. Bad luck strikes again. While Bas takes his first bite from the delicious birthday ice cream cake, he breaks a tooth by chewing one of the cake’s nuts. The crack is horrible and painful.

Kato Boon is not shy, and the whole neighborhood already knows when Kato has his birthday, it’s party time. The friends of Kato in the Esan in Thailand love his birthday parties. Tons of ice cream cakes, Pizzas, and dancing.

Papa Bas spends six hours at the dentist, Kato Boon parties on without Papa.

The Boon family knows how to throw a party. While everybody is having a party, Bas is on his way to the dentist. He ends up 6 hours in the dentist’s chairs and gets to know six different dental drills personally. The Funny Kato Boon birthday party continues without Papa, and everybody has a blast.

Papa Bas show himself from his challenging site at the dentist, which results in some hilarious scenes. Some excellent advice on how to maintain your teeth. Why a great smile with white teeth is the ultimate tool for persuasion.

Quote: “One tooth in your head is worth more than a diamond.”

“I was born on this world to produce great smiles.”


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