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KatoBoonFamily Happy New Year, Funny Kato Abuses the word No/Mai

#KBF26 KatoBoonFamily Happy New Year, Funny Kato Abuses the word No/Mai

During the New Year’s celebration in Esan Thailand, the KatoBoonFamily is planning some good intentions. Kato is wrestling with his first words as a toddler, and the word “No” is his favorite. In Thai, “No” is spoken as “Mai.” He promised that he would always listen to his parents for the new year and not use the word No/Mai anymore.

The issue is that Kato does not understand the word “No”/Mai when Papa and Mama use it. Surprisingly when Kato refuses to come of a ladder or is disobedient, he can produce more No’s /Mai’s than anybody. In this episode, we also see Kato riding a motorcycle with his dad and enjoying the new years’ celebration with his family. Get ready for a laugh, happy new year.

No in Thais = ไม่ (Mị̀)

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