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No More Phone for Funny Kato Boon Should Sleep. #shorts

No More Phone for Funny Kato Boon Goes Sleep. Brat Kid Kato Boon has problems with authority; He is always in a duel with his dad Bas Boon. For Kato, it’s about winning; he developed a massive addiction to sugar and mobile phone usage without knowing. In Isan, Thailand, parents are less concerned about these two vital matters in a child’s life. Time for Daddy to educate his son about a regular life pattern and sleep on time. Indeed, this is a challenging task with funny Kato Boon.

The little rascal never wants to sleep and will not give up his precious phone so easily. After a few nights of Kato drama and failure, papa Bas gets a great idea. It has been one of those nights where son Kato Boon only said the word no. Yes, these fails are funny, but there is an authentic massage and task for the Boon Family to make positive changes. Get ready for a laugh, haha, lol. He does not want to give the phone to his dad.

Papa Bas Boon Cuts the WIFi Power, Kato Boon Gets Frantic, he Wants His Phone to Work.

Papa Bas Boon has ideas to sabotage the charger or, even better, disconnect the Wi-Fi router from electricity. The signal is lost if somebody has an iPhone, tablet, or Samsung phone and more YouTube with Minecraft on TV. Get ready for a Kato Boon fit when he realizes none of his device’s worth anymore. No more TikTok or Minecraft on Tv. Will he finally sleep and go to bed? Try Not to Laugh is tricky; you laugh, you lose. Another short, funny fail video with the Boon Family. This phone social media addiction is recognizable for parents and even an educational video for adults. KBF is at its finest in the category AFV (America Funniest Videos). It does not matter if you have an Apple I-phone or a Samsung. They all have social media, and can be damaging for kids.

Boon Family Funny Shorts Best of the Best Fails

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