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Kato Boon Kid only Eats Jelly Bears and Sugar

Kato Boon Kid Only Eats Jelly Bears and Sugar. Papa Bas Boon is trying to educate the Boon Brothers’ Kids about sugar and food. The problems are that in Isan Thailand, people seem to care. Jelly Bears are the Boon Kids’ favorite candy. And they eat way too much of these Jelly Bears. When funny, Kato Boon Kid stays with his father in Pattaya. It’s an excellent time to cut the sugar. That idea does not come from Kato but from Daddy. It becomes an issue if it is safe not to give Kato Boon sugar.

It is like a drug addiction to see children’s response when they suddenly get less sugar. Kat Boon Kid goes berserk; he wants Jelly Bears and eats sugar. I understand not only the Boon Family has sugar issues, but this is Hollywood material. Oh No, these fails are so funny.

Dad buys his son grass-fed beef, but he wants jelly bear. He offers Kato Norwegian organic salmon, but he wants to eat sugar. Free Range Chicken is a nice try, but not for Kato; he wants sugar and jelly Bears. This milk is for you, Kato. It has no sugar; I won’t sugar, screams Kato.

Try Not Tom Laugh is tricky; you laugh, you lose. KBF Boon Family tries to bring a positive message and lesson. An Education by Kato Boon style turns into a comedy show.

This short video is a future unstoppable viral trending video from the crazy Boon Family. This YouTube Shorts series is better than AFV Americas Funny Home Videos—new humor and comedy for the USA from Thailand. The Kato Kid Boon Sorry series is gaining momentum.

The little rascal even goes on his knees and says please to Papa. Jelly Bears or gummy bears, as long as it has lots of sugar, the Boon Kids want them. Seeing Kato try everything possible to get his sweet kick is hilarious and sad. This time papa Bas does not give in. Who will win the challenge and comes out as a winner? And who will say; Sorry?

No More Phone for Funny Kato Boon Goes Sleep

(C) Bas Boon

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