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Reunion with Boon Family in Thailand, papa buys a Raptor V-6.

Reunion with Boon Family in Thailand, papa buys a Raptor V-6. The pandemic prevented the grandparents of Kato Boon, Conan, and Ken from visiting Thailand. It has been three years ago since Grandfather Boon saw Kato Boon. There are two more funny Boon kids, Conan and Ken Boon.

Finally, after three years, there is the Boon Family Reunion.

The kids love grandfather Boon. He is funny and makes funny noises. The head of the Boon family is soon to find out it is better not to excite the Boon Brothers too much.

While the parents of papa Bas Boon are visiting from Holland, papa falls in love with a Ford Raptor V-6. As a real impulsive Boon boy, papa Bas buys the car on the spot. The Ford garage salesman is having a blast, and so does buyer Bas when he pushes the gas pedal. We hear a dark roar on the streets of Pattaya.

As the trend is Boon family reunion, Mama Rak invited her long-time girlfriend, Minty, for a visit. She. wants to see how the boys are growing up. This visit is an excellent opportunity as the Boon Family lives in Isan, and the kids attend school there. That wish is not totally what she was hoping for.

Reunion with Boon Family, the kids burst off energy.

The Boon brothers’ kids are funny but very hyper. That means they “play” rough. The brothers are not only experts in demolishing toys, but the funny Boons love to play where they can use their hands and feet. This roughness is different from the play poor Minty had in mind.

The time is going very fast, and little Ken Boon is the third Thai Boon child who will learn to walk.

It is fascinating to see the weekly growth in this YouTube vlog. Everybody knows the Thai Boon family in their tiny hometown. The rising popularity also causes some problems in school and at home. The Boon brothers see every opportunity to break toys, dance on the furniture, and demolish TVs and phones. The usual epic fails.

Try not To Laugh is tricky. The hilarious situations make this vlog from Thailand unique. Reunion with the Boon family with Boon kids is bursting with energy. Say sorry for the Ego’s, not to worry, Be Happy, Be Healthy, and Be Good.

Funny Shorts Fails Best of Boon Family Thailand Shorts.

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