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Diapers, Pig Food, Isan Heath, and Boon Brothers Brats

Diapers, Pig Food, Isan Heath, and Boon Brothers Brats

It is boiling in the Isan and Thailand. Papa Bas Boon is in a hurry to bring the kids to school. The Boon Brothers are in a brat mood, and papa is running out of time.

Before bringing the kids to school Papa has to change the diapers of the Boon Brothers Brats. After he drops the kids at school, he rushes to drive to get food for the pigs. The plan is to get pig food for at least a weak. Inflation and gas price hikes make food for the pig’s scares. Bas shows some self-made machines which make pig food from rice.

Papa Bas needs to transport 40kg bags to his truck. A monster job with temperatures between 38 and 40 degrees + Celsius. The work is, though. Bas needs to visit two similar pig food places to get a truckload full of pig food. This work is torture and survival, but papa Bas does not give up even with these extreme Isan heath temperatures. Even when he arrives later at the Kato Boon Farm, he finds time to feed the pigs.

Papa Bas gets a surprise at school, lol.

Father Boon makes it just in time to pick up the kids from school. For some reason, Conan is in a deep sleep. Children are playing around him, music but he is not waking up. Finally, papa Boon can wake up Conan, and they walk to the other class to pick up Kato. Ooh, and when brat kid Conan sleeps he produces a full diaper.

Its bad news for the parents when the teachers inform the father of Kato Boon that he has bitten another boy in his class. The boy’s parents put the bite mark on Facebook and accused Kato of being the culprit.

Papa forces Kato to give his excuse to the teacher and lectures Kato that he is not a vampire or a zombie. Later Papa made his excuse to Kato it turns out brother Conan did the biting. The is hot today in Thailand the Isan heath does not help this day, the brothers are brats.

Saggy Dirty Diapers

Conan produced diarrhea in his diaper when they were all in the car and the unbearable stench. Papa wants to drive home as fast as possible, hitting the traffic. Elephants on the road. Bas can’t believe it; he fails to go home fast. Finally, the road clears, but suddenly the cars in front-drive only ten miles an hour. The reason is thousands of monks marching on the side of the road in the scorching heat. This day is the strangest day ever, it is not only hot in Isan but just weird.

When the Boon family finally arrives home, papa needs to change Conan’s diaper. It does not finish there. Try not to laugh when the new family member Ken Boon also produced a nice welcome present for papa Bas. Does this hot day with the Boon Brother Brat’s nightmare ever end?

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