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Funny Haircut Baby Kato Gone Wrong

#KBF18 Funny Haircut Baby Kato Gone Wrong

In this episode, we can see Baby Kato preparing to look nice to go with his family to his first fair. It has been raining for two weeks straight in the Isan Thailand and, Baby Kato is excited to go outside. The video is backward as we see first how Baby Kato visits the fair with his new hairstyle “gone wrong”. The second part of the video shows you what lead up to the change in hairstyle (to say it mildly). One crucial tip for parents with babies going to hairdressers it will be hard for many babies to sit still on a chair and have strangers cut or shave their hair. The simple trick is bringing some favorite food or candy. It will mostly make the process go smoothly. The hairdresser should also be inventive, creative, and mobile, when the baby does not want to sit on the chair don’t force him, don’t hold his head with force in an uncomfortable position, but go with the flow. The final result was quite good, #katoboon is having a blast at the fair. When the Boon family comes home, there is a leakage from the drainage. Papa Bas is trying (he has two left hands) to avoid flooding in the Kitchen Baby Kato is taking advantage of this situation to pull his next Baby Kato Prank.

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