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Muay Thai Punishment for Funny Boon Brat Kids.

Muay Thai Punishment for Funny Boon Brat Kids. Papa Bas Boon the kids to school. He warns Kato Boon, Conan Boon, and all others living in the house to stop using their mobile phone after ten. They all promise, but this promise is way too easy. Sure, when papa Bas took a peak, they were all sleeping. The moment he left, the mobile popped out of nowhere.

The result is that Funny Kato Boon sleeps most of his days at school. So much that when papa is getting the kids from school, Kato is still sleeping. All the kids are laughing, you could fire a cannonball, and he would still sleep.
When he wakes up, he sees Conan and the whole class starring and hysterical laughing, admiring Kato’s sleeping performance.

On the way home, funny Kato has to stop for a sanitary emergency. Kato’s like the Muay Thai music on the radio. When they arrive at the warehouse, they immediately go inside. The toilets are dirty, so papa Bas decides to put his son in the cripple toilet. He instructs his kid not to touch anything, especially not a big red button next to the bathroom.

The little brat sees everything forbidden as an invitation.

In Kato’s vocabulary, do not push the red button is an open invitation. It becomes a scene where the little brat closes the door and refuses to open the door. He claims it’s stuck. To make things worse, the attempt to push the red button is too big.

So now sirens go off. Papa screams outside, very angry that this is the last warning. Funny, Kato Boon asks papa if he can get some Muay Thai music, as he likes this while driving in the car. Papa does not understand his boy. Why would he think about this now?

The door stays closed. When finally the door opens, papa has to make excuses to the security and some people who work at the warehouse. Sorry, my son is a brat. I am doing my best. Bas picks up some Thai language. He heard “stupid farang,” which means stupid foreigner.

The Muay Thai music on the radio gives the head of the family a great idea.

When they come home, papa checks the bedrooms at night, and they all stare again at their mobile phone. Father Boon has enough and now takes away the phones. He makes a loud announcement. Every day after school, we start training in Muay Thai.

You all are lazy and should be ashamed of yourself: no muscle, lack of sleep and sun, time to train. We live in Thailand, and Isan is the district (Surin) with some of the most prominent champions in Muay Thai the world has ever seen, like Buakaw Banchamek. Papa informs his son, funny, Kato Boon, you could be next in line.

Fighting is in their blood, being a brat even more.

In the first days, the kids are fanatic, which is in their blood as Thai. Mama Rak is filming the training for the YouTube Channel. This video will be a great vlog and educational, so they think. Conan and Kato have the privilege of being half Dutch and Thai. But papa gets a new surprise again. The kids are ruining his Muay Thai lesson. Will the hysterical Boon Brothers Brats win this battle?

Kato Boon Farmer or Fighter in his Blood

(C) Bas Boon

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