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This Thai Wedding Will Make You Laugh.

This Thai Wedding Will Make You Laugh. A friend from the family invites the Boon Family to a Thai wedding. The lawyer of Papa Bas Boon is going to marry. They have been friends and have had a professional work relationship for over fifteen years. Unfortunately, the whole Boon family gets sick. Mama Rak gets sick during the car ride from Isan to Pattaya. Funny kid Kato Boon, baby Ken, and Conan all have the flu.

The parents decided not to bring the Boon brothers to avoid unnecessary headaches at the wedding. The sister and grandmother of mama Rak take care of the children in Isan for a few days. This is a decision they quickly regret but will make you laugh.

When papa Bas arrives at the wedding and is participating in taking some pictures, the mobile phone starts ringing. Lots of worries soon replace enjoyment and excitement.

It’s the sister of Rak. She needs to learn how to handle the Boon Brothers’ Brats.

They throw stones at her, cry constantly, and break open locked doors. This is hilarious, and it’s difficult not to laugh if you’re not the sister and grandma of the Boon Brothers. The funny Boon Brothers turn into unchangeable brats who protest, they will not stop until papa Bas Boon and mama Rak return from the Thai Wedding. Even baby Ken Boon refuses to eat his food.

The wedding in Thailand is beautiful, but it almost becomes an epic fail when the elephant who carries the brides-man becomes over-enthusiastic. It takes several attempts to finally get the bride’s man of the elephant. What a laugh; this is priceless. But all is forgiven when Papa Bas and Mama Rak return safely from the Thai Wedding back to Isan and reunite with Kato Boon, Conan Boon, and little Ken.

Papa Bas Boon always says: be healthy: be happy and be good. There are many ways to apologize but do say sorry for the egos, not to worry!

Birthday Song Pig Gift Fails Kato Kid Breaks Toys Lol.

(c) Bas Boon

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