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Kato Boon Family Rat on The Menu Try Not To Laugh

#KBF19 Kato Boon Family Rat on The Menu Try Not To laugh.

It has been raining for three weeks straight in the Isan Thailand which brings out snakes and rats. For a few days, the Kato Boon Family hears walking sounds on their ceiling. It’s time to set a trap. The next day #babykato meets his first #rat and not just a rat. This rat is a freaking #monster is as big as a cat. Mama Rak has an idea to call grandma for some old fashion Isan BBQ rat. The video shows how the village people cats rats in the rice fields and also the preparation of making the rat ready to go on the grill (people who do not like this kind of stuff don’t watch), will Baby Kato eat rat and what about Papa Bas Boon from #Holland? In India, there is a temple At Karni Mata in Rajasthan were the rat is holy and worshiped. Thailand is mostly a Buddhist country, no animals get killed for pleasure or sport, but when they get killed, they are prepared for making a living or get eaten by a hungry farmer family. Keep distance from babies, kids, adults as rats, especially hungry or injured rats. Rats can be aggressive if they bite you, they could give your very bad deceases. In #Isan #Thailand, rats sold for money, people make a living from this see article Bangkok Post 2017… baby The Kato Boon family fans question: what is not correct ( 2 director mistakes) in the video, can you find it?

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