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KatoBoonFamily holiday, beaches, pools, and dinners.

KatoBoonFamily endless holiday, beaches, pools, and dinners. Since the last boat trip to a deserted island, the KatoBoonFamily is back in Pattaya, Thailand, to spend a few more holiday days.

The Kids are going to the beach and battle with some waves in the sea. Kato Boon loves to run on empty beaches. He encounters a squirrel in a tree for the first time in his life. It is a great holiday for the kids.

Conan Boon and brother Kato have a blast in the pool swimming with papa. Mama Rak cooks huge dinners with fresh seafood and steaks for all. Kato enjoys massive ice cream in a restaurant. Life is good for the family.

Conan surprises everybody taking long walks on his first Holiday.

It’s strange as all shops and other establishments like restaurants are closed. The latest news in Thailand is that the lockdown will last until the end of August. The family wants to visit a famous pool in Pattaya, but it’s closed.

Getting son and vitamin D, eating healthy being with your family is the best remedy against any virus and government lockdowns. Papa Bas is blogging on his website giving his view on world events.

The rental business is still ok for Papa Bas during the second year of the pandemic. The pirate bay restaurant has to close several times. It is difficult times but at the same time much more time for the family.

The last day of the Holiday in Pattaya before returning to the Esan. Kato and Conan are headbanging while watching a concert on YouTube. Big fans of thrash metal band Exodus, crazy fun. mama made a great dinner, but the boys are too busy shaking their heads.

Scorpions Quote “let me take you far away, you like, a Holiday!

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