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KatoBoonFamily Funny Baby Steps Fails Animals Win

Conan Boon is nine months and is trying to walk and stand up. Kato Boon walked just before he became one year old. Papa Boon does not want to make it a competition, but it’s time for Conan to try. In the pig Farm Barn in Esan Thailand, 63 piglets were born in the last week. It is fantastic to see how fast a piglet can stand on its four legs. Lots of fun with Conan trying to break Kato’s record. Who will walk first? Will Kato give Conan a chance to achieve first place in the family? Can Bas make Conan walk with all kinds of tricks and bribes? A fun video especially for parents with babies and toddlers. Life is beautiful and mysterious, and we have to enjoy every minute of it. Don’t miss out on another great episode of the KatoBoon Family. Highlights of babies trying to walk can cause extraordinary emotions of happiness.

(C) Bas Boon

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