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KatoBoonFamily Challenges Youtuber Mr.Beast

Kato Boon is having a blast during the last moments of finishing the new KatoBoonFamily home in Esan, Thailand.

The people who work and Mama Rak have a full-time job preventing accidents because Kato sees everything as his new playground and plays rough. Papa Bas is challenging Youtuber Mr. Beast to come with his team to Thailand. The idea is to use 3 D concrete printers to renew poor Thai Farmer village’s homes. With the power and popularity of Youtuber Mr. Beast, this plan could cause a ripple effect incorporation with Thai property developers and sponsors. Bas Boon is showing the new area where they build their new home. The contrast of living is enormous, and Bas buying hundreds of pizzas for the villagers only helps a little. Everybody knows Phuket, Samui, and Phi Pi Islands and Thailand’s amazing white beaches. This video shows you how poor Thai farmers live near the border of Laos. Bas also offers some of his luxurious properties in Pattaya to show how big the contrast is. Mr. Beast, are you taking your team on the road to Thailand to do something special? If Mr beast is not up for the challenge maybe Youtuber PewDiePie will beat him to the punch, welcome to Thailand

Quote Sadguru: “You should not be better or worse than anybody else. You must be the best you can be, that’s all”.

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